Opinions and thoughts since 2017 on Innovation as well as distributed or Remote Work

From Sticky Notes to Live Website

How we re-launched our website using Sticky Notes, Figma, Webflow, VS Code, GitHub and Netlify

October 2021
Why remote workshops don't work

Successful workshops need people to be together, focussed on a single task without any distractions.

April 2021
Remote work in Europe ... 3 tips

Three tips on how to make the new way of working a success in Europe.

April 2021
Forget the idea ...

... everything begins with a problem!

January 2021
It's NOT about a "double" diamond

It takes (a lot) more than 2 diamonds to bring an idea to life!

February 2020
McKinsey's 3 horizons model is dead

Not all "innovation" is the same ... but the 3 horizon model no longer applies.

September 2019
Lean Innovation Governance

A better way to visualise and manage the innovation funnel.

June 2019
Business Model Canvas? Lean Canvas? It's not when or how ... but why!

One page business plan? Which one and why?

January 2019
What is your Business Blueprint?

The traditional "Business Case" documents are usually no longer required ... but a "business plan" is still paramount.

August 2018
Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas, Product Journey

Where to start and how to transition between various innovation methodologies depends on where a product sits along its product lifecycle.

December 2017
When, which ... Design Thinking, Lean, Design Sprint, Agile?

A lot of people are - understandably so - very confused when it comes to innovation methodologies, frameworks and techniques.

October 2017