is an innovation training, facilitation & staffing agency.

uses a unique approach to guide you from problem to value.

helps you research a problem in need of a better solution.

guides you to build and test a prototype in one week.

helps you staff your team to build and test your MVP.

Our Principles

We believe in blending together the best aspects of leading innovation methodologies like Design Thinking, Lean Startup or Design Sprint to tackle your innovation challenges.

Our approach:
  • Customer-centered research
  • Learning through experiments
  • Hands-on innovation
  • Short term planning

Our Services


Roland Szmola
Digital Transformatin Lead

These guys made a significant change in how we triggered problem solving in our entire change portfolio. After their training bootcamp we have continued using their tools.

They also shared the power of the Design Sprint, which gives us the ability to directly involve our customers.

I am fully happy with their passion and readiness to help, effective use of their time and continuously improving their toolset!

Alexandra Coşcovelniţă
Innovation & Product Development Coordinator

The new methods and tools (e.g. the “Pitching Tool”) they introduced us to is something we spread throughout the company.

We really liked their openness and the perfect mix of theory and and hands-on learning.

Nico Schumann
Head of Analysis & Change, Customer Solutions

The innovation methodologies they coach like Design Thinking are now considered a vital part of creating customer value.

Besides training and coaching they’re also passionate ambassadors and act as role models to change the mindset and behavior. Their work is highly appreciated across all regions and has already helped solve numerous challenges towards delivering customer value.

Such a contribution is crucial in changing people’s mindset towards a more customer value focused organization, where innovation and continuous learning is so important.

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