We guide you from early problem research all the way to launching a Minimum Viable Product.


Many companies run innovation workshops which fail to have real impact. We don't just run workshops, we guide you through the whole process.

With our 3 packages we can facilitate and guide you anywhere along the entire innovation lifecycle. From early problem space Research, to designing & testing a solution Concept, to building and validating your Product (starting with a Minimum Viable Product.


The foundation of a successful innovation is a solid understanding of the problem. Our Research Package will help you discover who your customers are and what drives them.

Research can provide valuable insights for existing products as well as to explore new opportunity areas.

We will guide you beyond desk-research and focus on learning rather than trying to confirm pre-conceived assumptions.

Our Design Thinking inspired approach:
  • Define the research goal
  • Collect data
  • Translate the collected data into opportunity areas
  • Ideate and test potential solutions


You will design one specific aspect of your solution with a "fake it before you make it" prototype.

Our concept package compresses in a week what could potentially be months of work.

It is the fastest way to find out if a product is worth developing or if a feature is worth the effort.

Our Design Sprint flavoured approach:
  • Set the focus of the design challenge
  • Sketch & share Ideas
  • Co-create and test a prototype
  • Validate or unvalidate assumptions


A specialist team will build your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test with your early adopters.

Your product will be built by a self-organizing and cross-functional remote team using the Scrum agile framework. Attend regular sprint planning meetings to closely monitor progress.

Book our Product package when you have achieved problem-solution fit so you can start testing with your customers to validate solution-market fit with paying customers.

Our Approach:
  • Decide what your M of your MVP is
  • Select your dream team
  • Develop remotely using short sprints
  • Launch and capture customer data

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